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Welcome to Yuhuan Huahua Metal Products Co., Ltd.

Yuhuan Huahua Metal Products Factory was established in 2003, specializing in aluminum anodizing process. We have been working on aluminum anodizing for more than ten years, high-end and rich production experience in professional processing such as anodizing on aluminum surfaces.

The company has passed TS16949 quality management system certification, mainly producing and processing aluminum surface anodizing, hard anodizing, electric conductive oxidation, oxidation coloring, etc. Anodizing aluminum parts surface such as military parts, aviation parts, motor parts, optical parts, auto parts, motorcycle parts and electrical parts.

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    Cumulative Service Customers

    Including military, aviation, motor train, automobiles and etc.
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    Highly Professional Staff

    More than 100 employees here and more than 30 various technicians
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    The United States, Britain, Germany and more than 10 countries customers have chosen us.
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17Flow of work

After hard anodizing processing, the surface can get a thick oxide film with high hardness, the oxide film can reach 25 to 100 microns, if there is a special need, it can reach 200 microns, the hardness of the aluminum film varies according to the material composition, the max hardness can reach about HV650. The pure aluminum film has the highest hardness and does not corrode in the salt spray test for several thousand hours.

  • Handing aluminum products
  • Degreasing with high temperature
  • Secondary countercurrent washing
  • Chemical polishing
  • Washing
  • Neutralizing
  • Secondary countercurrent washing
  • Anodizing or hard anodizing
  • Secondary countercurrent washing
  • Secondary countercurrent washing
  • Dyeing or natural color
  • Secondary countercurrent washing
  • Secondary countercurrent washing
  • Closing
  • Secondary countercurrent washing
  • Drying
  • Finished product
  • Finished product