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Aluminum anodizing has many advantages
Time:2018.11.10 Source: Yuhuan Huahua Metal Products Factory Clicks:

In the natural environment, aluminium will naturally form a thin oxide film, which has certain protective properties. However, the surface of this untreated aluminum is very susceptible to physical damage and chemical corrosion. The so-called anodic oxidation of aluminium is an electrolytic oxidation process, in which the surface of aluminium and aluminium alloys is usually transformed into an oxide film, which has protective, decorative and some other functional properties. Anodic oxidation can significantly improve the corrosion resistance, surface hardness and wear resistance of aluminium alloys. After proper coloring treatment, it has good decorative properties. Compared with the natural oxide film of aluminium profile, it has obvious improvement and improvement in corrosion resistance, wear resistance and decoration.

The anodic oxide film is made up of two layers, the outer layer is called porous layer, thicker, porous and low resistance. The inner layer is called barrier layer (also called active layer), which is thinner, denser and has higher resistance. The porous outer layer is grown on the dense inner layer with dielectric properties. Generally speaking, the anodic oxide film is an array of hexagonal cylinders. Each cylinder needs a star-shaped pore filled with solution, which is similar to a honeycomb structure. The thickness of the pore wall is twice the diameter of the pore. Most of the excellent properties of the oxide film, such as corrosion resistance, wear resistance, adsorption, insulation and so on, are determined by the thickness and porosity of the porous outer layer. However, these two properties are closely related to the conditions of anodic oxidation. Therefore, different coatings can be obtained by changing the conditions of anodic oxidation.

As can be seen from above, the anodizing process of aluminum profile is widely used in surface treatment of aluminum products. Our Nantong Huada Aluminum Profile Company is an aluminium oxidation plant specializing in the production of various aluminium alloy profiles and products. It has more than 20 years of experience and history. The existing four sets of extrusion equipment for aluminium profiles are 1800T, 1000T, 630T, 600T extrusion production supporting equipment with 10m long stainless shot blasting machine. 6m aluminium profile surface polishing machine, 4.5m Prudi aluminium processing center, multiple high precision automatic cutting machines, double-head steering cutting machine, equipped with a 12m long aging furnace. The main products are aluminium circular pipe, special-shaped pipe, decorative profiles, marine aluminium profiles, solar water heater profiles, clip radiator profiles, textile machinery profiles, printing and dyeing machinery profiles. And copper aluminum composite finned tubes, iron and aluminum composite finned tubes, seamless aluminum tubes, drawn aluminum pipes, etc. Widely used in power electronics, transportation, machinery, textile, printing and dyeing machinery and other industries.

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