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Anodizing can significantly improve the corrosion resistance of aluminum materials.
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Curtain wall aluminium hangings are extruded aluminium alloy materials. The contact surface is energy-saving, anti-seismic, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, easy to disassemble, high strength, safer and faster. Aluminum pendant is a kind of aluminium product with high strength and corrosion resistance. It has the characteristics of non-rusting, non-fading, environmental protection, lightweight and durable. More and more people use aluminium pendant on the market. It is very simple in installation and not easy to rust. It is a good choice for users.

Aluminum hangings are processed from aluminium materials. In order to overcome the defects of surface hardness and wear resistance of aluminium materials, expand its application scope and prolong its service life, surface treatment technology has become an indispensable part of the use of aluminium alloys, and anodic oxidation technology has been applied successfully at present. Anodic oxidation can significantly improve the corrosion resistance, surface hardness and wear resistance of aluminium alloy. After proper coloring treatment, it has good decorative properties.

The characteristics of aluminum pendants are:

1. Aluminum pendant is made of high-quality space aluminium material. It is compact in structure, thick in handle, convenient and firm in installation.

2. The surface of aluminium pendant is treated by anodic oxidation and wire drawing of aluminium material. The oxide layer is uniform. There are 13 oxidation procedures and more than 100 pure manual processes. They are durable and have a long service life. They are not blackened and oxidized after salt spray test and are trustworthy.

3. Easy to install, omitting the base used in previous products, more simple to install, only need to rotate the screw can be installed.

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